Conservator of Wall & Easel Paintings, Historic Monuments and Decorative Art

Skibbereen, W. Cork, Ireland & Blundellsands, Merseyside, UK 

Welcome to my conservation practice first established in 1989.

As a picture restorer my primary function within the field of conservation is interventive preservation that deals with all aspects of painted artworks, ranging from small easel paintings to large oversized paintings, wall~ceiling paintings and polychromatic ornament.

Decorative Art ~ Historic Houses ~ Churches and Cultural Monuments

Henry Drummond Esq In Redburn Uniform. By Sir Joshua Reynolds. Private Collection.

This is a comprehensive conservation unit, which exercises a broad variation of methods connected with decorative and fine arts.

We are principally experienced in the restoration of ornamented period interiors, in sumptuously decorated churches and historic stately homes, throughout the UK and abroad, particularly Gothic Revival, Neo Classical and Baroque Conservation and restoration of three-dimensional art forms such as: Painted Sculpture, Statues and Heraldry

All painted objects eventually become susceptible to atmospheric pollution and many extraneous chemical deposits will inevitably affect the varnish or paint layer. In order to conserve, stabilize and prevent further deterioration this will require the sympathetic approach and intervention of a qualified picture restorer/conservator.

It is possible to treat and clean most painted surfaces using the correct solvent. As a picture restorer I am able to individually tailor cleaning agents and solvents for specific pollutants, dirt deposit and varnish; and consolidate loose or flaking paint.

The customary format for the investigation of an item usually begins with an analysis of the pigment and varnish. These tests can be undertaken using X-ray diffraction, X radiography, or with chemicals depending on which method is appropriate. This procedure enables us to determine the appropriate cleaning treatment and solution to employ for the commission.

More often than not, the results of these tests are very dramatic. Once it is realized that the artwork can be saved the next step might be to ask for a report; should this be a requirement. It will normally depend on the scale of the work in question or if there are any unseen complications.

Lady Mary Savile, Countess of Thanet, by William Aikman


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